In the words of Chubby Checker: Let's do the Limbo Rock!

Here in Texas, April is that limbo month where you wake up and it's chilly outside, it's always a tad bit uncomfortable in the shade when paired with a slight breeze, and by end of day you're shedding your sweaters and cardigans in the afternoon sun. Are you like us and ready for the summer heat or are you more worried that it means your favorite frozen beverage will melt just a little bit faster? (You can bet your SaaS we are worried about that too!)

But don't worry, summer's not here just yet.. so grab yourself a cold one and check out this weeks curated newsletter featuring handpicked posts from SaaS.Community!

Christina Clemens

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Stay warm, or chilly, friends - I guess it depends on the time of day.. Summer is almost here. Cheers!